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Here’s where I ploink my favorite health, sensuality and sexuality links. Check back often as I add more goodies to the cue. May they bring to you the the joy they bring to me! 🙂

First and foremost is the phenomenally fabulous Mama Gena! This woman is a MASTER in the art of pleasure and awesoming who definitely practices what she preaches. Sign up for her newsletter, check out her blog, videos and classes where Mama takes you by the hand into the land of the life of the well pleasured! 😉

Kim Anami is perhaps my most favorite intimacy coach EVER! She gets into the whole vulnerability-with-your-partner thing, really advocates for being a “well f*cked woman” whether you’re single or partnered. She puts high priority on intimate relationships being a place of safety where we can be seen, drop our armor & recharge. And yes, sex is a really big part of it. Kim advocates the three hour weekly sex date and regular sex weekends. I can’t say enough about Kim’s awesomeness!!! Get thee to her page and let the sexy, yummy learning begin!

The Succulence Revolution is the succulent lifestyle offering of Saida Desilet (yet another bodacialicious babe). Her book, Emergence of the Sensual Woman, is a great handbook to awakening your sexual self in a loving, spiritual and very juicy way.

Another of my favorite sex educators is Reid Mihalko at Reid About Sex, representing with style (and no small amount of humor) for the fellas. There’s too much awesomeness to say about this particular sex geek (you can even buy t-shirts from him and declare your personal sex geekery to the world).

And while you’re having all this sexy fun, remember to check out Marie Forleo to learn how to direct all your new sexy, juicy energy into bringing in more cash to your existing business or learn invaluable tips for getting that new dream business of yours off the ground. Marie-the-fabulous hosts B-School every year, Q & A Tuesdays (straight to your inbox!) and newsletters with all kinds of nifty tips!

For money advice, do visit Barbara Stanny‘s page. This woman is phenomenal! She can really help you transform your relationship with money. Be sure to sign up for her newsletter and participate in her monthly Money Monday calls at no cost. It’s her way of giving back and helping women overcome their issues around money. She’s not selling anything on these calls and will stay on until everyone’s questions have been answered.

Amrita Grace is a lovely woman who developed the Reclaiming Aphrodite workshops for healing sexual abuse trauma. She is also author of the book by the same name. You can download the free ebook version here.

Apollo Grace is the Beloved of Amrita Grace (above). He works with men in connecting with their enlightened masculine. He offers workshops for both men (The Authentic Lover) and couples.

Another place for my beautiful brothers is Sol Sebastian‘s page The Alchemy of Man. Sol is the Beloved of Saida Desilet of The Succulence Revolution. Sol rockifies. Just. Freakin’. Go. There. ‘Nuff said.

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