What I Do

Integrative energy healing works with the entire person. Able to sense and move energy my entire life, I do intuitive energetic healing work to start the healing process where the discomfort began – in the energetic/spiritual body. I connect with each person intuitively as I work to get information about health and life issues that may be connected to the presenting issue(s) or other issues that may be working in the background, peripherally or just beginning to take shape. I incorporate herbs, essential oils, meditation, diet and journaling to help the process after each session depending on the needs of the client.

Dietary guidance is 100% plant based. There is no such thing as too much plant matter in the diet in spite of what pop media says. There are boatloads of evidence to support this claim from decades of reliable and repeatable research. In alleviating physical issues I prefer the gentle route of nourishing and supporting the body. I offer coaching in whole raw and cooked foods, including preparation, shopping and storage.

Intuitive guidance is at work in all areas of my work, but may be employed on its own for guidance in all areas of life: spiritual, social, physical, etc. I am a lifelong empath and intuitive as well. I get intuitive insights as I work energetically with a client, often about the issue at hand but not always. Sometimes there are things that need to be known about a seemingly unrelated issue. As an aside, there is no such thing as an unrealted issue; all things relate to one another in some form, whether we find them “important” or not. When a thing presents itself, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. To keep shoving it to the back is a guarantee it will get worse until it, too becomes a presenting issue.

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