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beauty day fun with hearts and flowers!

beauty day fun with hearts and flowers!

Who am I? I am crazy in love with Valentine’s Day, especially all the trappings thereof and I don’t care a fig if I have no one to celebrate with. I consider myself fabulous and worthy company for celebration all on my own. Though very welcome, I have no need for concelebrants. If we resonate, you are more than welcome to come play with me in my sandbox. Some of my other loves: kale, being in love, music, creating fragrances (my signature fragrance is one I created myself), beads, crystals, crystal beads, sparklies, lingerie (oh, how I adore lingerie!), flowers – especially orchids, daisies or anything with a fragrance, bunnies (I have a whole collection of stuffed bunnies), dancing, house plants, and just being alive. And I read too many romance novels.

I’m a bibliophile. Yup, there’s a term for us total book junkies! I read almost constantly. Rare is the moment when I’ve got spare time and you don’t find a book or my Kindle in my hands. My space is filled with bookcases which are in turn jam packed full of books. My Kindle is likewise full. I have ebooks on my computer. Books are among my very best friends. Reading broadens the mind, spurs and fuels the imagination. At least it does for me. It’s the cheapest travel ticket going. If you can read you can go anywhere and learn to do anything. The world is your playground!

I suppose I could also tell you about my critter contingent, but I have a whole blog dedicated to them called The Chibi Crew. Go check it out if dogs, cats and other non-humans are your fun. Suffice it to say I have a house full of other-than-humans: five dogs, a cat and a parrot. No, none of them are being fostered. They’re all residents.

I am and have been an intuitive and empath my entire life. I have been able to both see and play with energy for about as long. It only recently occurred to me to begin using these gifts to help other humans. I am happily herbivorous and have been for more than five years. I’ve studied belly, strip, burlesque and pole dancing over the years as well as yoga. I love the sensuousness of those types of movement meant to get you fully into and aware of your body and what it’s capable of. I’m a big fan of weight training. Again it’s that pushing into and through challenging movement that really does it for me, seeing how far I can take myself. And then there’s my bike.

the beginnings of the bike girlified

the beginnings of the bike girlified

I have a mountain bike I adore (lots of dirt roads where I live). Some people run or walk for that meditative high; I prefer my bike. It feels almost like flying. Sometimes I take my dogs out with me when I’m in the mood to just noodle about but when I feel the need to just go and lose myself in the rhythm of the bike, the wind, the movement and the scenery, it’s just me. And I totally tricked my bike out girly style! <lol>

What else is there about me? Hmmm…. I have a spousal unit and am mama to three boys who all awesome well, the youngest of whom is now fifteen. My eldest is soon to be twenty-two and I’m trying to remember what I was up to while that was happening. One day he was three and sitting on his younger brother (who will soon be nineteen – seriously??? where was I when all this was going on?) the next he’s twenty-two, making life plans and has an awesome steady chica. Argh! I could’ve sworn I was there the whole way with them but some days it feels like I’ve been time warped! <lol> On the plus side of this parental thingie, my middle sweetie told me he doesn’t find it such a bad thing to be a mama’s boy when his mom’s as awesome as me! Trade these guys? Nah. I think not.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to leave comments or message me here – or – catch up with me on Facebook or Twitter (@SensualistasPth)!

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