22: When We Fail Our Superheroes

A sleeping pill prescription??? Our soldiers need and deserve so much more! We need them to be badasses while enlisted, sure, but when they come home it’s OUR DAMN TURN to help them integrate, to heal. Twenty-two veterans and one active duty soldier every frickin’ day take their lives due to PTSD. 22. That’s kind of like going to work one day and finding your entire department – GONE, your favorite big box store staff – GONE, the entire staff of your favorite grocery store disappeared – GONE. Every. Single. Day.

When veterans take their lives that’s an indictment; it says we as a society have failed. EPICALLY. If we’re going to ask our men and women to take the hit for us then we need to step it up and help them when they come home. Listen to their stories. Help them get effective care. Help them get service dogs. DO SOMETHING. Don’t just let our super heroes rot in confusion once the skills they took on to protect us are no longer necessary and become a danger to themselves and sometimes others. Sending them to prison isn’t a good option and it’s not care. It’s a stop gap. Letting them go homeless is a crime and a piss poor way to show gratitude for their sacrifices and those of every soldier before and after them. Neither is it an option though it is a damn slap in the face to them and every other soldier who sacrificed and is still sacrificing so we can sit comfortably in Starbucks and complain vociferously about the military-industrial complex and the evils of “The Man” while sipping on our lattes and throwing massive sales and barbecues on Veterans and Memorial Days.

Reach out to a veteran, to a soldier. Let them know they are not forgotten, they are not alone and that their sacrifices were not in vain. And help them adapt to civilian life when they come home again.


Here’s the link to the video that sparked this post since I can’t seem to figure out how to get the embed code working.

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