Stand In The Mindset of Your Power, pt. 2

So what do I mean by standing in the mindset of your power? Isn’t it the same as standing in your power? Yes and no. You have to stand in your power in order to know its mindset. There’s a subtle but important difference. Once you’re in the place of your power then you can begin to explore and know its mindset. I am both healer and writer. There is a specific way those who heal and those who write think and behave. An easy way to get started is to ask “if a writer/healer/football player were in this situation, how would they think? act? respond?” Then you wait for the inner promptings that direct you. Why wait? Because the first things you’re likely to hear are trussed up ideas you’re been told about how someone who does “X” SHOULD act. Usually the ones doling out this behavioral bad advice are those who don’t have any connection whatsoever to “X”, but boy can they tell you all about it! Their voices become the frenemy voices in your head and will have you off track before you can scratch your nose. So. Be still. And listen. After you’ve made the time to do the inner systems check then you can act accordingly. You are acting from the mindset of your power. Now you know how to use what you know.

There’s a feeling component to it as well. Both your head and heart are equally engaged, but your feelings are what will tell you if you are correct. If you think you should go one way, begin on the path and feel uncomfortable that’s feedback. Pay attention. You may be going the wrong way. Feeling fear because what you’re at is an unknown is one thing; pushing on when you’re feeling something is wrong without stopping to check it out is another thing entirely and a very bad idea every time. That’s akin to seeing a dog who’s snarling, growling and looks for all the world like it’s ready to take your arm off but telling yourself it’s okay to pet it because its tail is wagging. Always check in with your place of power, your authentic center to see if you’re in alignment with what you’re either already doing or considering doing.

As always there will be enthusiastic sayers of nay when you begin operating from not just your power (a.k.a. authentic center) but also from the mindset of your power. It’s scary enough to those who think they know us well to have us change what we do but for us to change how we think and act in accordance with that? It’s downright terrifying! Now they think they don’t know you or you’re “trying to be someone you’re not” according to their comfort zone. It’s now up to them to make you see reason and get back to being the person they’re comfortable with so they can get back to the habitual way they behave with you. If you notice, their discomfort and saying of nay has nothing to do with you at all. Not a thing. So, bless them to find their own way while you continue on yours, keeping yourself and your path a priority.

Another way of finding the mindset of your power is to allow it to possess you. Yup! Let it take you over as if it were a being separate from you and operating through you, your body merely a tool it uses to accomplish its task. Thus you don’t garden, gardening gardens through you, drawing uses you to draw, swimming uses you to swim. You become a passenger, an observer in your own body learning how to be and think and feel who you are. It gets easier the more you practice but I will warn you it’s a damned scary way to learn. You have to get out of your way and relinquish control of yourself. At first you won’t be able to do it for more than a few minutes. I kid you not when I tell you there is resistance to going this route. Dangerous? Not even! But we’re so used to consciously directing everything about ourselves that moving aside for some power we feel is an unknown will bring on the fight every time.

Not to rail on that poor little wash rag of pop psychology, but it’s your ego. Your ego is there to keep you safe. Giving up control is not seen by the ego as safe, especially to an unknown. To the ego (who’s an excellent employee, by the way) this all comes across as less than half baked, totally insane and a sure sign you’re heading for annihilation. Annihilation is not an option so far as your ego is concerned. Remember that bit about keeping you alive? It takes its job very seriously. Until you help your ego (who’s likely to join forces with your subconscious) to see this as a safe practice, it will be a struggle and you’ll likely feel afraid for no apparent reason. You may think consciously “Oh! I’m allowing my power to take me for a drive and teach me how it all works!” Your ego will likely see it as the zombie apocalypse, Rosemary’s baby and The Exorcist all rolled into one big “OH LAWDY!!! The children of the corn done moved out the corn and into your head! DANGER! DANGER!” Yeah. Go slowly if you choose this route and be gentle with yourself.

I like using both methods together. I’m sure there are any number of other ways to get to know the mindset of your power. I’ve only mentioned two of them here as these are currently the ones I’m most familiar with. There are likely as many ways to know your mindset as there are people. Give these methods a try and go from there. Let me know what results you get! I love sharing and bouncing around ideas.

Finding out how your power thinks/behaves begins with standing in your power, so always start there. Figure out who you are authentically and from there allow yourself to explore all that that means. And be gentle with yourself. Love yourself. Don’t make a fuss about getting it wrong. If you find you’re not operating in ways that make you feel good, course correct and keep going. Pause when you need to, maybe even before then. Check in often so you catch the little off bits sooner. And above all enjoy yourself! Really! Enjoy who you are as you become adept at operating not only from your power center but from the mindset of that center as well.

This is how Miss Ruby Jewel operates from her power center

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I am the Surrendered Creative, a.k.a. Anastasia Alston, a lifelong empath, intuitive guide and energy healer/worker. Through intuitive guidance and energetic body work, journaling, guided meditations and visualizations I help people clear blockages to living healthy, fully embodied lives. In my parallel life I am an artist (jewelry and small sculptures), author and poet.
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