My Addiction….

So here I am on a Tuesday night. I just ordered Tracye Lynn McQuirter’s “By Any Greens Necessary”, a book I’ve been REALLY wanting to read for some time now, from While it is true I’m drooling to read this book, the REAL reason I ordered it was so I’d have an excuse to add a nifty little photo book of  traveling Chihuahuas to the order. You see, the book was A PENNY (plus $3.99 shipping – how’s that rate again?) so how could I pass up an offer like that? I mean why place an order on your card for $4? So Tracye’s book was just what I needed to balance out that meager order total. At least I restrained myself from adding the adorable peeing Chi garden statue or unwelcome sign; they were twice the price of the book & do not a thing towards advancing my education (though they’re great additions to my Chihuahua collection!) So it’s like “Eat all your n’egg salad & crackers & then you can have your choconana mousse!” Not at all hard for me since I LOVE n’egg salad & crackers (especially the awesome cucumber dill crackers I made a couple of days ago) & tend to skip desert or have just a little to whet my appetite & I’m done. And I stayed off the doggy couture sites altogether or I might have blown it completely.

So there you have it! Stasi’s worst addictions have nothing at all to do with food & plenty to do with adorable little dogs with large, liquid eyes, big ears & bigger attitudes! I doubt I’ll ever find anything Chi with ears like my girl (I call her the lotus petal eared one; they don’t stand all the way up most of the time).  I’ll have to have custom work done.

I love this blue dress on her!

One of these days I’ll find an artist who does the kind of work I enjoy & have Her Highness immortalized. Until then I’ll content myself with my crazy Chihuahua collectibles lust. Have a great night & an even greater tomorrow!

About Stasi

I am the Surrendered Creative, a.k.a. Anastasia Alston, a lifelong empath, intuitive guide and energy healer/worker. Through intuitive guidance and energetic body work, journaling, guided meditations and visualizations I help people clear blockages to living healthy, fully embodied lives. In my parallel life I am an artist (jewelry and small sculptures), author and poet.
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