The Deep Work

All along the road of The Fine Art there will be pit stops, pull outs if you will. Not places to get down in the mullygrubs, just places to pause. Why are they there? Why, to check that the baggage you’re carrying is appropriate to the journey, of course! Sometimes you’ll set up camp & hang for a few days. This is where you’ll be doing The Deep Work. “UGH!!! Not that!” I hear your wails of protest. Yes, even while practicing The Fine Art, turning on your lights & getting your juice on there is Deep Work. The Fine Art isn’t “I’m happy! I’m happy! I’M HAPPY DAMMIT!!!” while ignoring the bugs in your hair, the prickers in your feet & the fact that it’s absolutely frigid & all you’ve got to warm yourself is a soggy, moth-eaten blanket that’s seen far too many uses. That’s not The Fine Art; that’s delusional.

Being Happy No Matter What requires a change in mindset, a change in focus. If your windows are busted & dirty they need to be cleaned & repaired. How else can you get a good view of the territory before venturing forth? When you do venture forth from your Juice Joint for a bit of exploration you need to make sure that what you take with you is necessary, that your tent has all its bits & pieces & that you’ve got a proper first aid kit. Believe me, journeying will require a first aid kit. And a clean up kit, too.

The Deep Work is messy. You’ll get hit with all kinds of crazy stuff you never knew was hiding in the bushes. You’ll be happily breezing along, whistling happy tunes & enjoying the scenery when WHAM! Some lunatic thing-from-beyond will come flying out at you & knock you to the ground. This has happened to me twice in the past week. One was particularly freaky.

I used to be a bed wetter. I routinely wet the bed until I was twelve. Yes, I said twelve. During the day I had great bladder control; at night in bed all bets were off. I endured an awful lot of anger, shaming & frustration because of it. Fast forward to last Friday night. Mild bladder irritation. That should have been clue number one that something was very off. It had been hanging about for a couple of days geting progressively worse. After a long day of happily practicing The Fine Art I snuggled under the covers & began to drift off, feeling just a teensy bit uneasy. Then it hit me: “I need to PEE!!!!” Eyes fly open, I jump out of bed like it’s on fire & run to the bathroom. The niggling twinge of the irritation in my bladder makes me anxious. I wonder if I’m really awake or if I’m dreaming & I just wet the bed. Huh? What’s THAT all about? I was in the bathroom panicking because I wasn’t certain if I was really awake. I found a way to satisfy myself that yes, I was indeed awake & went back to bed totally anxious & panicky, deathly afraid of peeing myself. I started tapping. I tapped until the tapping points were mildly irritated. I tapped until I was too tired to tap anymore. Tapping helped tremendously but didn’t resolve the anxiety. Then I did what any mother would do for her fractious child: held me, rocked me & told me everything was okay.

Eventually I fell into exhausted sleep somewhere around 4am. I had to get up at 7. I’d made it through the night, thankful I don’t need lots of sleep to be functional. The only way out was through. That’s the thing about Deep Work, especially when you do what I have & actively invite your subconscious to be your ally & participate in bringing up issues that need healing. Things come up seemingly out of nowhere & knock you on your bum. You have an issue revealed, you’re definitely feeling it & you get to heal it so you never have to deal with it again. You don’t always know when you’re digging around in your piles of trash sorting them when you’ll find something particularly icky that can’t be left in the “to go out” pile & must be taken care of immediately.

Like so many other things about the subconscious, timing is not its strong point. It doesn’t understand negatives, it doesn’t care about your sense of timing. When it finds things it presents them just like you asked it to. You need to attend to the “treasures” right away. Stuffing them down will get you a surly, unhelpful subconscious. You really don’t want this. Attend to the gifts from your subconscious in the proper ways, heal them & clear them out. You get to not only have less crud clogging up the works, but you get to keep your subconscious as your ally & friend.

About Stasi

I am the Surrendered Creative, a.k.a. Anastasia Alston, a lifelong empath, intuitive guide and energy healer/worker. Through intuitive guidance and energetic body work, journaling, guided meditations and visualizations I help people clear blockages to living healthy, fully embodied lives. In my parallel life I am an artist (jewelry and small sculptures), author and poet.
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