The Revenge of Titchy Sue

I guess I’ve been amping my feel-good too high lately. I awoke this morning with a malady I’ve been trying hard all day to deny: a bad attack of Titchy Sue. Who, you may ask, is Titchy Sue? I’m sure you know her well. If you’re a guy, you may know this no-life as Titchy Tom. By either name, this is a no-life just as assuredly as is the “Icouldnevers” & the “Whatwouldpeoplethinks”. The difference is the Titchys are more like ninjas. They can ambush you at the most unexpected times. One minute you’re as happy as a daisy in the sun & the next POW! there you are knocked on your bum wearing the grinchiest expression you can manage, spewing snarkiness with every turn of your head. The titchies can turn you from sweet & adorable to a right nasty little toe rag faster than you can blink – kind of like the Weeping Angels on Dr. Who (episode: “Blink”) with equally deleterious consequences. (Yes, I know I’m a hopeless geek.) Titchiness can suck years from your life or life from your years; often both.

So what to do when ambushed by Titchy Sue? My first tool of refocusing is always meridian tapping. Going on a Rampage of Appreciation (thank you, Abraham-Hicks for this exercise) helps, too. Ms. Titchy has a hard time standing her ground in the face of “Ooh! A traffic sign! Thank you for putting that there so I don’t get lost! Wild flowers! Neat! Thank you for growing there just so I can see you as I drive by! A cyclist! How cool! Thank you for enjoying the weather while conserving gas!” On & on & on you go until you really feel a deep sense of gratitude. Titchy Tom & Titchy Sue get grumbly (big surprise there) & take off. I even make sure to appreciate the bits of flotsam on the road side better known as litter. This was really hard at first because I was so accustomed to being outraged by trash misplaced. I would invite Titchy Sue to be my traveling buddy at the sight of litter. You know how good “righteous anger & outrage” feels. Actually, it feels lousy but habits are comforting & we’re a country/culture habituated to whining, complaining & being outraged. At anything. Sometimes the more trivial, the better.

But what if the titchies have you in a head lock & pinned to the mat? The Rampage may have to be worked longer & harder (or longer & more fun), tapping is definitely recommended. Take a walk, do some slow, deep breathing, search your thoughts for little sun spots of cheering thoughts, play your favorite peppy music & dance. If you’re able, a nice soak in the tub will do nicely, especially if it’s a hot tub. Moving your body vigorously, a.k.a. exercise, is a great way to kick the titchies back where they came from. Change your posture & your emotions will follow. Just try feeling titchy while holding your body in the same posture as when you’re feeling totally in control & empowered. Go ahead. I’ll wait. ::tik, tik, tik, tik:: Not possible, is it? Now combine that power posture with sunnier thoughts. Keep that up. Now add in some happy tunes. Sneaky, isn’t it? You just out-ninja’d the titchies!

The key is to distract yourself from the stuff that feels icky & focus on the things that help you feel better. You may find yourself sinking back into titchiness; that’s okay, just get out your tools & keep at it until you’re feeling too good to slide down hill. Like attracts like, so the more good feeling things you focus on the more good feeling things you’ll notice popping into your awareness. The thing is, if there’s a real reason you’re feeling titchy you’re better able to find a solution when you’re calm & clear headed. There’s a reason behind titchiness always, but when you’re in the grips of a titchy fit it’s often very difficult to discern what’s behind the bad feelings. Even when you think you know the reason, once you’re calm you often find there’s a whole different motivation behind your off mood.

So, what did I eventually do about Titchy Sue? Besides writing about my adventures in Titchland (writing often helps me feel better), I decided to go for the soak in the tub, change my posture & happy music. And tapping. And, yes, I even brought out the big guns & got a little ridiculous.

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I am the Surrendered Creative, a.k.a. Anastasia Alston, a lifelong empath, intuitive guide and energy healer/worker. Through intuitive guidance and energetic body work, journaling, guided meditations and visualizations I help people clear blockages to living healthy, fully embodied lives. In my parallel life I am an artist (jewelry and small sculptures), author and poet.
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