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Connection, pt. 2

The other thought that comes to mind when I hear “self love” is the cross-legged, gluten-free-everything eating New Ager chanting “OM”, sporting yoga pants & t-shirts that have various PC slogans scrawled across the front. Of course, here in Santa … Continue reading

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Connection, pt. 1

It’s been occurring to me lately that nothing is more important than maintaining our connection to Spirit. Nothing. I keep getting this message over & over & over again in so many ways. Of all the things we deem important, … Continue reading

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Lifestyles of the Fun & Frivolous

I just finished polishing my nails with a polish full of sparkles & tiny pink hearts. I adore bunnies, flowers, hearts, shiny things, children’s stories & music & pink. I can be low on cash & still buy an orchid … Continue reading

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Success & Spirit

Sometimes as we move towards our dreams we get to feeling like there’s a conflict between the “spiritual” side of our lives & the “material/wealth seeking” side. In reality, there is no conflict beyond that which we concoct. Neither part … Continue reading

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