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Yummy Acorn Squash Soup

I wanted something warming yesterdday & was really tired of my daily green smoothie. Enter a tweet from JL Goes Vegan. She mentioned having miso soup with Chinese greens for breakfast. I was like “YEAH!!!” Being in the unfortunate (& … Continue reading

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Just in case you get the (very wrong) idea that I’m breezing through the transition to raw, fear not! I am indeed merely a mortal. This past week has been challenging. Very challenging. I even decided to go out to … Continue reading

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Living From the Soft Spot & Big Love

Some days it seems the only way to get through the world is to cover yourself in armor & some degree of callousness. Put your blinders on, stick to the task at hand, don’t smile, dont notice the slew of … Continue reading

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Reflections on 60 Days Raw

It’s been 60 days of eating 100% raw vegan for me. It never ceases to amaze me how easy things get once your tastes change! It’s easier still when you throw commitment behind those changing tastes. But wait! Commitment actually … Continue reading

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One Fish, Two Fish

My son recently came home from school quite hungry in spite of having his school lunch card quite full. It seems there was nothing vegetarian on the menu that day. When he complained about being offered fish, the lunch staff … Continue reading

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Baby Steps

So, you’d like to take the plunge into a healthy, vegan lifestyle? Of COURSE you do, BUT…. (You knew there had to be a “but” in there somewhere, didn’t you?) “Change is HAAAAARD!!!” whines a familiar voice. “You’ll never stick … Continue reading

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Healthy Business

I’ve been doing a lot of taking about my journey lately. It’s important to make that connection so you know a little more about me & kind of have an understanding of where I’m starting from. But now let’s chat … Continue reading

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