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I came across this piece from years ago about the death of my father. I have no idea if I ever published it but just in case I kept it to myself all those years, here it is now in … Continue reading

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My Life In Moments When….

I realized today that meme that’s been going around the net for awhile “That (awkward) moment when….” could easily be used to describe all those interesting moments – awkward, awesome and otherwise – of realization. So, in no particular order … Continue reading

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I know I have a tendency to not have the requisite amount of body shame. I never have. When I was a little girl my mom had a devil of a time trying to instill a sense of bodily shame … Continue reading

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My Valentine’s Obsession

I have a confession: I am absolutely, one hundred percent addicted to Valentine’s Day. I love pretty much everything about it (minus the smarm). Give me the pink, the hearts, the flowers, all that frilly, silly, froufy, romantic SHTUFF and … Continue reading

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Compassion, pt. 2

In a way I was a little disappointed. Sure, having the extra kitties was great, but my friend had always surmounted the odds and kept her furry family together. I simply expected that she’d do so again. I had faith … Continue reading

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Compassion, pt. 1

I’ve had many opportunities to be compassionate this past week. First, a friend needed help moving her cats from the hotel where she’d been staying temporarily. I REALLY didn’t want to go and I even told her so. She understood … Continue reading

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Friday Past Blast – Womb Conversations

This piece is from about two years ago. My how things have changed. And stayed the same. Enjoy! 😉 <3<3<3 During my morning meditations I noticed my womb seemed to carry odd cold spots, little frozen places where the energy … Continue reading

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Lifestyles of the Fun & Frivolous

I just finished polishing my nails with a polish full of sparkles & tiny pink hearts. I adore bunnies, flowers, hearts, shiny things, children’s stories & music & pink. I can be low on cash & still buy an orchid … Continue reading

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Life Lessons From My Chihuahua

#1: I exist. Therefore I am worthy. Therefore I deserve to have my desires fulfilled. Pipette is very good at this. She never questions whether she is worthy of something she wants. She wants it & that’s that. No issues … Continue reading

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There are many ways to fast. I am not very good at the food deprivation thing, though I will deliberately eat sparingly to help my body cleanse. Usually I just follow when my body says it’s not hungry & go … Continue reading

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