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The Sacred

What makes a thing, anything, sacred? What is holy? Is it just because a few “special” people tell us “This is holy; this is sacred”? Is it only rare, beautiful things that are sacred? What about the holy in the … Continue reading

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I know I have a tendency to not have the requisite amount of body shame. I never have. When I was a little girl my mom had a devil of a time trying to instill a sense of bodily shame … Continue reading

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If You Really Knew Me….

I just read a blog post where the author did a bit of a great reveal: if you knew me you would know ______. She makes an effort to keep from contributing the current internet trend of “forever shiny happy … Continue reading

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Random Musings of the Week

It’s Friday before Spring Break starts up (AT LAST) for my younger boys. I’ve had a great cup of pumpkin ginger tea, even though the season for pumpkins is long past – or a long way off depending on how … Continue reading

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