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Radical Resting

I took two whole days and did absolutely nothing. No housework, no errands, not even going to church. It’s not that I don’t enjoy such things. I was just tired. Tired of the rushing, the “gotta, gotta, gotta”, the loud … Continue reading

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Ponderings on My Beloved

Alone in my room I ponder “I am my Beloved’s” says the Lady “and my Beloved is mine.” I am my Beloved’s I am my Beloved’s I am my Beloved’s…. Except I belong to no man as yet and no … Continue reading

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“Mother may I?” Begging Permission For Self and Sensual Expression

I occasionally model nude for artists. There. It’s out in the open for all to see and digest. Do I feel any shame or discomfort about it? No. To me, it is a beautiful thing helping artists to create more … Continue reading

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Reflections on Death, pt. 2

All the rituals and stories we create around and about Death are largely to comfort and help the living. The dead generally need very little if any help from the living. They are dead; their jobs here are done. There … Continue reading

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Handling The Changes

Sometimes the process of becoming gentler, of becoming nonviolent doesn’t feel nonviolent or gentle. I think this is because we resist the changes, changes that we have asked for with our whole hearts. Only the new stuff is, well NEW! … Continue reading

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My Life In Moments When….

I realized today that meme that’s been going around the net for awhile “That (awkward) moment when….” could easily be used to describe all those interesting moments – awkward, awesome and otherwise – of realization. So, in no particular order … Continue reading

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I know I have a tendency to not have the requisite amount of body shame. I never have. When I was a little girl my mom had a devil of a time trying to instill a sense of bodily shame … Continue reading

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Even The Rose Has Thorns

I apologize if I have given the (very false) impression that to take the Sensualista’s Path is all fun, games and pleasure. In reality, while I do focus on the pleasurable, the beautiful and the fun, neither do I shrink … Continue reading

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Men. Just saying the word can send many women into a tizzy. It’s often said in disgust, derision or utter frustration. But not when I say it. I say “men” with love and huge, heaping helpings of admiration. And often … Continue reading

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My Valentine’s Obsession

I have a confession: I am absolutely, one hundred percent addicted to Valentine’s Day. I love pretty much everything about it (minus the smarm). Give me the pink, the hearts, the flowers, all that frilly, silly, froufy, romantic SHTUFF and … Continue reading

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