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Lily Bean So Far….

It’s been a few weeks since Lily Bean joined our household. We’ve all learned a lot about each other. I went from being a grumpy control freak full of expectations (“She’s six months old; she SHOULD be able to X!” … Continue reading

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Little Rebellions

I’ve recently taken up the practice of centering prayer. The Divine and I have had a twice daily date for almost two weeks now. It’s totally shaken up my snow globe. The peace, stress reduction and inner calm that usually … Continue reading

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Living Like I Matter, Day 1

Yesterday before bed, I pondered the question “what would it be like if I spent a year living like the things that matter most to me actually MATTERED?” and promptly decided that is how I would proceed from that moment … Continue reading

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Flower Fairy Hippie Feral Child – or- Life Simplified (1)

I’ve recently rediscovered a part of myself that’s been with me throughout my whole life’s journey, but for many reasons has remained sort of a silent partner. Before and early into my marriage, I was what I call a Flower … Continue reading

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Success & Spirit

Sometimes as we move towards our dreams we get to feeling like there’s a conflict between the “spiritual” side of our lives & the “material/wealth seeking” side. In reality, there is no conflict beyond that which we concoct. Neither part … Continue reading

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Womb Conversations

During my morning meditations I noticed my womb seemed to carry odd cold spots, little frozen places where the energy was stuck. At first I thought nothing of it, content to go about my life as usual. It began to … Continue reading

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