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Ponderings on My Beloved

Alone in my room I ponder “I am my Beloved’s” says the Lady “and my Beloved is mine.” I am my Beloved’s I am my Beloved’s I am my Beloved’s…. Except I belong to no man as yet and no … Continue reading

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I’m Thriving – OR – What I Really Want

Kinda funny being single again. I thought I was being silly when I found myself teary and bummed after Doug and I split a few weeks back. I had thoughts of “Maybe we can give this one more shot with … Continue reading

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Faith, Courage, Surrender

The ending of a marriage is a BIG change. Especially after twenty four years. Even when the end is something desired. Big changes can be scary sometimes. I find myself feeling worthless on occasion. I want nothing. Not a damn … Continue reading

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I came across this piece from years ago about the death of my father. I have no idea if I ever published it but just in case I kept it to myself all those years, here it is now in … Continue reading

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Hurt and Anger

When I am angry, I fully realize that I am not in my rational mind. It feels very out of control; out of control does not feel good. Many people recognize the lack of feel good, but miss the bit … Continue reading

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My Life In Moments When….

I realized today that meme that’s been going around the net for awhile “That (awkward) moment when….” could easily be used to describe all those interesting moments – awkward, awesome and otherwise – of realization. So, in no particular order … Continue reading

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That Moment When…

It’s a funny thing when you realize the very things you teach others all the time, day in and day out, are the very things you tend to struggle with yourself. I’m in the midst of a very challenging point … Continue reading

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Men. Just saying the word can send many women into a tizzy. It’s often said in disgust, derision or utter frustration. But not when I say it. I say “men” with love and huge, heaping helpings of admiration. And often … Continue reading

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The Is-ness of Things

Along with my practice of vulnerability and surrender has surfaced a need to practice accepting the is-ness of things. What exactly IS the is-ness of things? The is-ness of a thing is simply what IS. If it’s snowing heavily and … Continue reading

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Connection, pt. 1

It’s been occurring to me lately that nothing is more important than maintaining our connection to Spirit. Nothing. I keep getting this message over & over & over again in so many ways. Of all the things we deem important, … Continue reading

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